Paranoid Writer

Warning & Disclaimer

These stories are as much my lies as they are my beliefs, and you can take them as you will. I hereby swear that I claim no originality other than my own hard play, and I will always endeavour to avoid the Death that is plagiarism: why murder someone else's words when you have the power to breath Life into your own?

But beware of the Word reader. While the following stories are free of charge, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll like them or that they will like you. For what I lack in style I WILL make up for in substance. Money is an object and I have to do this for pleasure, so be warned: if you steal my ideas, someone will find you, and it may not be who you least expect. So make sure YOUR story is straight when they come a knockin', and laugh Coyote (for Heaven's sake), LAUGH!

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