The sun waved a lazy goodbye and the lights along the motorway flickered and buzzed, ready for the night-shift. Jack indicated, checked his rear-view mirror, and steered the saloon into the inside lane. He stole a glimpse of his family asleep on the back seat. Baby Hillary lay cradled in Jill’s arms and the fading sunlight covered them both in a blanket of amber. Whatever happens, thought Jack, it’s worth it...

Jill yawned behind him,
“We need to stop at a service station.”
“It’s too dangerous...”
“Oh come on, we haven’t eaten for hours. Even the car’s hungry.”

Jack checked the petrol gauge: the indicator was in the red,
“Damn it. OK. But we have to be careful. If we’re spotted-“
“Oh give it a rest, will you?” sighed Jill, “Honestly, you give them too much credit.”
“They’re the Government Jill, we shouldn’t underestimate them. They’re-“
“I know, I know,” she groaned, “They’re everywhere...”