Jack took a deep breath,
“Listen. We’re both tired. Why don’t you go back to sleep and I’ll give you a shout at the next service station. It’ll be dark soon, so there’ll be less chance of being spotted.”
“We’re doing the right thing aren’t we?”
“Of course we are Jill... Of course we are...”


It was raining heavily and they struggled to keep dry beneath Jack’s umbrella as they ran up the steps to the Department of Population Control. They sheltered in the doorway and dried themselves as best they could with Jill’s handkerchief,
“This is it!” chuckled Jill, wiping his forehead, her large chestnut eyes warming him with enthusiasm,
“This is the final interview! Once this is over, all we’ve got to do is pass the Surrogacy Trial and before we know it they’ll give us the tablets and... And just think Jack, soon we’ll have our own baby, our own beautiful baby!”