Although a human by birth, DJ Dick Manners was born and raised on a planet thousands of light-years away from Earth and, this being his first visit to the "home-world", he was eager to exploit the many pleasures this illustrious holiday destination had to offer. Everyone knew Earth’s laws were ‘open to interpretation’ and its reputation as ‘The Planet of Original Sin’ was the stuff of legend.

It was, therefore, hardly surprising that a couple of hours after docking his craft at Earth-Port 54, Dick found himself flying through the back door of a night club towards a rain-soaked alley, with a split lip and a bloody smile. He was already too drunk to feel the impact with the concrete, or the puddle splashing around him and soaking his bloodstained clothes. The bouncer’s hoof slammed into his stomach and all he could do was watch as another wave of vomit spilled from his mouth onto the pavement.

The bouncer, a hideous, multi-limbed creature, loomed over him, its monstrous face piercing his drunken haze like an angry moon through a fog.
“Consider yourself barred, pervert!” it growled, slamming the door behind it.
“I only asked her for a kiss...” groaned Dick “...fraggin’ tease...”

He could have slept where he lay, but from the murky depths of his subconscious, a familiar voice persuaded him otherwise: ‘Fuck it’, it said, ‘There’s plenty of other places to go to.’
“Yes,” agreed Dick, “The night is young and I’m on holiday. Fuck - it!”