The following story contains lots of words and dirty, filthy disgusting, foul-mouthed language. The narrative itself includes an explicit heterosexual orgy and other depraved and brutal image-tripping scenes; all or any of which may or may not turn you on or off, and / or (of course) leave you feeling empty, flaccid, and (who knows?) maybe even a tad guilty afterwards.

Therefore, if you are under age, too immature, innocent, naive, high-minded, easily titillated. and / or prone to sudden reactions and violent psychological changes: it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you do not click the "NEXT" button in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

However, if you do decide to read further, the following tale is completely FREE TO READ and requires no effort on your part other than to translate these words into imagery and thought-forms. But as always in Life, please note well: it is up to you whether by reading this story you are risking a verbal slapping from a loved one or (perhaps even) breaking the laws of your land. IT IS ALWAYS UP TO YOU WHAT HAPPENS...