However, despite an extensive search and thorough canvassing of the city’s homeless population, the identity and whereabouts of this homeless man are still unknown. Whether William Rockwood is correct and the homeless man’s involvement is entirely innocent, we may never know.

As for the letter itself, scientific analysis has failed to extract any useful information. Despite a thorough analysis of Alice’s handwriting, all graphologists can tell us about Alice’s frame of mind (tired, stressed, scared, desperate, etc) only confirms what is blindingly apparent from the letter’s content. Forensic tests have identified two sets of fingerprints, but as yet these have not matched any prints held on record. If they belong to Alice and the homeless man or to someone else entirely, one can only speculate. Similarly, whoever the smeared drop of blood belongs to at the bottom of the final page is also still a mystery.

Finally, there is the frustrating problem of the now infamous ’missing pages’: approximately three in total, all of which were cut away using a sharp scalpel. Excluding a thin strip at the head of the letter (containing Alice’s full name address, etc), police experts estimate that around one and a half pages are missing towards the middle, and just under half a page at the end. However, despite various attempts at finding and/or recreating this missing information, so far all efforts have resulted in failure.

Available for the first time to the general public, what follows is an exact transcript of Alice’s original hand-written letter. All missing sections of the letter are indicated here by a broken line.