Sandy and Rhona stood outside the shopping plaza and braved the rain. Designer shopping bags hung from their fingers like fruit from branches,
“Come on Sandy...” sighed Rhona, pulling on her friend’s sleeve,
”It’s cold. Let’s go inside. You’ve been staring at that window display for ages...”

Sandy pressed her fingertips against the glass, closed her eyes, and imagined herself wearing the mannequin bride’s white silk dress. She saw herself holding the bouquet, gliding graciously down a candle-lit aisle, the long lace train sweeping the marble floor behind her. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever wanted,
“It’s beautiful...” she smiled, clouding the window with her breath, “When I get married, it’s going to be in a dress just like this one.”
“You’d better make sure the groom can afford it,” sighed Rhona, “With the amount of money you owe, he’d better be loaded.”
“Hmm...” smiled Sandy, dreamily, “Rich and handsome...”
“Oh grow up,” sighed Rhona, “You’re a twenty eight year old woman, not an eighteen year old virgin.”
“Ah, but my heart is pure...”
“Right, that’s it,” tutted Rhona, grabbing Sandy by the elbow and dragging her inside the shopping plaza,
“Let’s go and find something you can afford....”