An hour of retail therapy later, Sandy and Rhona sat in one of the plaza’s many cafes, sipping cappuccinos and trying not to eat their chocolate fudge cakes as eagerly as their hearts desired,
“Hmm...” groaned Sandy, “We really shouldn’t”
“You mean you shouldn’t” smiled Rhona, “Your credit card company’s gonna love you. That pair of shoes cost enough to pay a month’s rent. ”
“So? It’s nearly pay-day, and I’ve got my review next month. Who cares if I slip into the red once in a while?”
“I care,” said Rhona, sternly, “Especially seeing as you still owe me money from last week. Seriously Sandy, if you keep spending the way you do, you’ll end up in more trouble than even you can handle.”
“The whole world’s in debt, what’s the worst that can happen?”
“Debt collectors, court summons, bailiffs, loss of property, poverty, depression....”
“Bloody hell...” groaned Sandy, “Lighten up, will you?”
“I’m only looking out for you.”
“Well don’t, it’s boring. Honestly Rhona, sometimes you can be so bloody miserable, it’s like being friends with an old war-widow.”
Oh really?
“Yes,” sighed Sandy, ”Really.”
“Well then, if that’s how you feel...”