Rhona stood up and put on her coat.
“Eh?” said Sandy, “Rhona?... What are you doing? Don’t go, I didn’t mean...“
“Whatever...” sighed Rhona, “I’m sure you’ll get over it. I know, why don’t you go and buy those ear-rings you ‘need’ so badly, that’ll make you feel better.”
“But Rhona...” moaned Sandy, “Please... I’m sorry, I...oh...”

Sandy watched, open-mouthed, as her friend stormed off through the cafe’s glass doors and disappeared among the crowds of shoppers outside,
“Stroppy cow,” frowned Sandy, staring down at her plate,
“I think someone needs to lighten up and live a little...”

She picked up her half-eaten fudge-cake between thumb and forefinger, and was about to take a gargantuan bite, when she noticed a young and exceptionally handsome man sitting at the next table. He smiled in her direction and instinctively, she turned and looked behind her, expecting to see a gazelle-like supermodel merrily prancing from the buffet bar towards him. But other than the two rather spotty and frumpy female members of staff, Sandy was the only woman in the cafe. No, she thought, he can’t be looking at me; he’s probably gay... She avoided his gaze and casually put the cake back on the plate. Then again, she thought, sometimes miracles do happen.