He was blissfully unaware as the cubicle door opened behind him and a young man stepped out carrying a placard. The young activist fastened his belt and, noticing Ned at the urinal, smiled and crept up behind him,
“Easy Ned!”

Ned jumped, splashing himself,
“Bugger!” he moaned, recognising his assailant’s smug face,
“Bloody hell Ralph, don’t you youngsters have any sense of decorum?”
“Decorum?” chuckled Ralph, “What does that mean?”

Ralph walked over to the sink, propped his placard against the tiled wall, and ran his hands under the tap,
“Anyway,” he smiled, “How was I supposed to know your hearing aids were on?”
“You know full well they’re always on”
“Even at night?”
“Yes,” sighed Ned, shaking and zipping up, “Even at night. Bloody hell Ralph, look at the state of me, I’m soaked”
“But aren’t they uncomfortable?” asked Ralph.