“The hearing aids. Aren’t they uncomfortable in your sleep?”
“No, not really. You get used to them.”
“Oh right... But,... Well...”
“Well what?” sighed Ned, limbo-dancing under the hand-dryer, “Come on, spit it out.”
“Well,” said Ralph, “I figured it would be nice and peaceful to be able to just turn the volume off.”
“You’d think so,” said Ned, “But years ago, I used to take them out, then one night my next door neighbour had a bad electrical fire and I slept through the whole thing; fire engines, crashing timbers, the lot. Scared the shit out of me when I found out. The poor bastard lost everything. Could easily have been me.”
“Maybe you should invest in a vibrating alarm bed.”
A vibrating alarm bed? Is there such a thing?”
“Dunno,” shrugged Ralph, “Must be, right? I mean, how do other deaf people sleep easy at night.”
“They probably have more faith. And money.”
“Yeah..” sighed Ralph, “At what price peace, eh?... Talking of which, what do you think of the demo?”
“It’s all right. But to tell the truth, it’s feels like we’re just going through the motions.”
“Eh?” smiled Ralph, “Have you seen it out there?”
“Yeah,” shrugged Ned, “So what? Half of them are only here because they think it’s some kind of trendy Mardi Gras.”